Most Elegant Facials

Toxic-Free Treatments


30 Minute Champalou Facial


Express facial focusing on one area of main concern. A lovely pick-me-up when running short on time.

60 Minute Champalou Facial


Luxurious and thorough facial customized for your needs. Design to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin, mind, and body. Will help to minimize pores, redefine skintone, soften skin, and provides a radiant glow! 

60 Minute Anti-Aging Gold Facial


An out-of-this-world facial - that utilizes organic particles 1/2000ths the size of pores to penetrate the epidermis - will be sure to bring youth back to your radiant skin.

60 Minute Collagen Peel-off Mask


This treatment brings new life back to the skin showing signs of aging.  This will improve the skins elasticity and firmness and counteracts the formation of wrinkles.    

60 Minute Back Facial


Exfoliate and rejuvenate the hard to reach areas on the back.  Steam and extractions will be performed.

90 Minute Champalou Facial


For when your skin needs a little extra love. The extra time will be used for extractions, massage, and focusing on your skincare needs.

Teen Facial


Mini facial that educates guests on proper skin care.  Includes one masque and choice of massage or extractions.

This wonderful client gets a one hour facial every other week, does high frequency once a week and uses my Problem Solver skin care line, which includes face wash, toner and lotion. Additionally, we have added an acne spot treatment.  With high frequency, we do it on the ‘off’ weeks, which takes about 15 min. On the weeks she comes we do it in the facial. After a few weeks of treatment, her skin is looking radiant and clear!