Massage away your stress.

30 Minute Massage
Focus on one main area of concern.
45 Minute Massage
When you need a little more than 30 minutes.
60 Minute Massage
Focuses on the full body or a few areas of main concern.
90 Minute Massage
Perfect for anyone who has 90 minutes to treat themselves.
120 Minute Massage
Hot Stone Massage (75 mins)
Treat yourself to this luxurious custom massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished lava stones used in conjunction with the therapist's hands to loosen tight muscles.
Raindrop Treatment (60-70 mins)
Raindrop Technique combines Young Living essential oils, vita flex, and massage to promote balance and harmony.
Neti Massage (45 mins)
Using peppermint and eucalyptus in a steam pot working on pressure points on the back, face, and sinuses to relive congestion.
Chakra Massage
This treatment features deep tissue massage on your back & spinal muscles along with hand and foot reflexology & chakra energy work.